The Minneapolis Monarch Festival is currently accepting applications for exhibit space at the 2018 Festival to be held on Saturday, September 8, 2018, at Lake Nokomis.

Exhibitors/vendors will be selected based on the educational value they bring to the festival regarding monarch protection and habitat conservation, Minnesota-Mexico cultural connections and closely related topics. Closely related topics may include: threats to other pollinators, habitat loss, native plants, Latinos in Minnesota, and so on. Exhibitors/vendors should offer festival-goers information and opportunities for actions that support habitat conservation in the USA, Mexico, and/or Canada.

The variety of exhibitors, experience and performance at previous festivals (if applicable), will also be considered. Exhibits must be interactive and engaging to people of all ages. Special consideration will be given to organizations that can provide information in English and Spanish, or will have bilingual staff at the booth.

Discounted Early Bird Rates until May 15. No applications accepted after August 7.

Please call the festival organizers FIRST if you are unsure if your organization meets the selection criteria. We are happy to discuss your exhibition idea to see if it would be a good fit for the Minneapolis Monarch Festival.

Becky Timm, Festival Co-Organizer
Nokomis East Neighborhood Association
(612) 724-5652

Printed ApplicationWord or PDF

Exhibitor/Vendor Agreement

The final determination of exhibitors is at the sole discretion of the Festival Organizers – the Minneapolis Monarch Festival, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board and the Nokomis East Neighborhood Association.